I’m not dead; just overloaded


‘Ey. Just an update; can’t even use my phone right now as the charger’s decided to die and I’m waiting on a new one (goddamn it, Apple!). Just saying, I’m not neglecting you guys. I’m snowed under with a lot of things, mostly coursework.

I forgot you existed

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Wow, I haven’t posted anything in a whole year! Know why that is? ‘Cause this year’s been the biggest shithouse ever, that’s why.

Anyways, a certain holiday is on the horizon, so here’s a playlist I made. Have fun.

I’m back! Again!


Hello, strangers! Apologies for the absence; my laptop’s motherboard packed up and it took an extraordinarily long time to get it replaced.

However, I’m back now, and I will be cracking on with my other works-in-progress (The Worm, the Lana Del Rey model, Elsa…). I’ve also started a new mini project, which shouldn’t get in the way of the other projects.

Anyone who’s seen my Twitter feed may know that I’ve started shipping Evy and Dr Chamberlain from The Mummy. I’m planning a fanmix also (hello, 8tracks!), so this is really intended to be cover art for that.

Just to clarify, this isn’t meant to be abusive. There’s no way I’d support anything like that, and Evy’s certainly not a victim here (it’s not in her nature to be submissive, anyway). It’s more like intense mutual dislike with a bit of paradoxical lust thrown in. It stands to reason theirs would be a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship.

I’ll say it again: no abuse. This isn’t Harley Quinn and The Joker. This is, at least, mutual if a bit screwed up.

Anyways, thanks to those who’ve stuck around, and those who actually followed/liked my blog during my absence! Your patience is appreciated!

Deer oh deer


Back again. Intended to post more. Life interfered.

Anyway, a few days ago, I decided I should attempt traditional media again, as most of my work over the past year has been digital. Since I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed III lately, I decided to draw elk.

Above are the original pencil sketches; below are the shaded versions.

These were shaded in Photoshop (apparently, I can’t completely stay away from digital media). These are actually something of an accident. I initially intended to use the drawings as a base for full-colour digital paintings, but then I started experimenting with the dodge/burn tools on the original drawings. I’m pleased with the effect, overall.

In which I make no attempt to be cheerful


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Look familiar? I edited some of my sea photographs and added some (sad) poetry.

Poems used:

  • Despair – H.P. Lovecraft
  • Caged Bird – Maya Angelou
  • Departure – Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • Break, Break, Break – Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  • The Prisoner of Chillon – Lord Byron
  • Alone – Edgar Allan Poe
  • A Daughter of Eve – Christina Rossetti

Adventures in photography


This is the North Sea, seen from The Esplanade in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. I took these for a college course about this time last year. Photography is not my strong point and the camera I used was less than fantastic, hence the quality. Still, there’s something to them, I think, though I find them a bit depressing.

Then again, I find most things quite depressing.

New year, new projects

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I’ll be starting 2016 with a few new projects. The first (seen above) is a digital portrait of Elsa from Frozen. Obviously still at the drawing stage, but I’m happy with it so far and am ready to make a start on the underpainting.

The second project I have in mind is a series of Harry Potter illustrations. These would be both of individual characters and important scenes in the books. This’ll be a long project as I want to cover all the books in the series.

Also, not really related to art, but I plan to spend more time this year on game design/development, as well as concept design, so expect a few small video game related projects to pop up here and there!